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The design process can take some time.  It is the foundation of marketing success.  The better the business owner is acquainted with his target audience and product line or service, the faster and more efficient will be the marketing plan and outcome of the project.

Placement of Website elements on the visual page.  These include name, logo, navigation (menu), images, graphics, copy (text), and contact information.  Here is where the best structure is defined and developed.

This is a more creative element in terms of font selection, colors of preference, and how certain format elements are presented consistently throughout the website pages as in buttons, boxes, icons or images.  Colors and fonts affect emotional responses and subsequent attraction to proposed products or services.

Information and offerings will be presented in a specific order and manner to attract your target audience.  Your copy must be specific, engaging, and informative to your product or service offering.  And it must be presented in such a way to encourage a response.

Images and Graphic Elements
The choice of photographs and illustrations included in your website design can greatly affect the marketing success of your venture.  All should be selected with a focus in attracting your target audience or adding to the message of your value proposition to the market.